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What is it about Yellow?

What is it about yellow?... The color of sunshine and goldenrod, the third chakra. The daffodils that just burst into bloom on my table is like bringing the sun inside. I was warned with good reason not to paint the kitchen walls Sherwin Williams June Day, it is a lot, but a lot is what I needed, like a tonic, a path to renewal. Maybe it was the building in Corniglio that I stood in front of and photographed for probably too long. One of my earliest memories is of the forsythia bushes coming into bloom in the front yard at our house on Laurel Place. Playing outside after a long white winter with my sister and cousin Al, I would marvel at the tiny buds, with barely a hint of color peeking through, within a few days they would be brilliant. It was before I had a camera in hand, but it was my focus, the world I immersed myself in, breathing that yellow into every cell of my little being. Inhaling…I can feel it now!


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