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Lily and The Rose


Earth conscious and free thinking, Kim Klopstock, the woman who is Lily and the Rose, has been at the forefront of culinary creativity and sustainability years before it was even a thing. Her fundamental nature, the way she moves through her life and her kitchen, is with an open embrace. She lives by a no food waste ideology. Kim has forged a path for others for over three decades, openly sharing her experiences and knowledge as an educator and innovator in the culinary arts. Her boutique style of custom catering pushes the possibilities in edible options and food preparation while pleasantly playing with our tastebuds. Her approach is focused, carefree, and grounded, a mix of seemingly opposites while channeling inspiration from somewhere beyond. Her food is sourced from local farms and supports local craft breweries and distilleries. Organic produce and fresh ingredients are essential to what she serves her customers, diners, clients… groupies? She is a magician, a master, and takes us on gastronomical journeys that are elegant and sublime and delicious.


In the kitchen, while Kim gave her attention to the ruffled Miatake mushrooms that she was slicing with a very large, sharp knife, she was, somehow, still able to engage with me. There is a certain beauty and artistry that is truly unique to Lily and the Rose. Kim has a passion, a zest and aliveness that is omnipresent while sharing a space with her. All of that translates into her cooking. I wanted that same essence and exuberance for life to move through the Love Compost COMPOSiTion I was creating. I am stretching my definition of “composting” here, but I feel no need to stay rigid. Call it indirect composting, if you’d like, but none of her food is wasted, it is seen for what it is, energy, fuel, honored for all of the effort it has taken to get here, and valued. If it is not eaten by humans, it is a feast for the pigs, and they will love it. By feeding this high quality food waste to the pigs, the humans who will eventually be dining on them will be getting a much healthier meal, and natural goodness. Coordinating with pig farmers in our community is a thoughtful way to approach the byproduct of cooking and another way to manage kitchen food scraps.


As I got to work, my thoughts floated back, to that night at SPAC in 2019. Kim was a Festival Curator for the Saratoga Wine and Food Festival, and I was a Festival Artist. The theme was Forest Magic, and that it was. The events catered by Lily and the Rose are detail oriented and elaborate in an organic way. These specialty curated events are not just a feast for the palate, but a visual feast as well. Table settings are known to include silver trays, birch bark, crystal goblets, feathers, candles and lace. Combining these somewhat unlikely textures create an unexpected and elegant memorable dining experience. It’s something that you don’t forget. I drew from my senses, from the earth, feeling the energy of the intangible. I opened the door to my imagination, entered… and let go.




Saratoga Arts made this program possible through the Community Arts Regrant Program, funded by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.

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