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Thank you Mrs. Garnett,


You don’t know me and I don’t know you directly, though we are connected. I follow your advise everyday and hold as my mantra your words of wisdom “Turn it into something else”. It’s what I have followed my whole life, but it wasn’t until Aunt Rosemarie said those words out loud to me, did it resonate into my bones and claim its rightful place in my psyche. It also had much to do with the moment that it was heard. That afternoon in Houston 2013, my beautiful sister Robin’s life on earth was quickly slowing down. She was taking a nap, and my Aunt and I were working on an “art project” at the kitchen table. I was doing everything in my power to stay sane, positive and present. By creating something out of what I had, helped to keep me grounded. As I was ripping, tearing and gluing, old cards, envelopes, and images, I created something else, from what was. My Aunt, observing what I was doing, told me the story. My four cousins went to Daniel Webster Elementary School in New Rochelle, N.Y. You...Mrs. Garnett, were Allyson, Amy, Jennifer and Jill’s art teacher. When they didn’t like how their drawing was looking, and they wanted another blank paper to start again your response to their pleas was “Turn it into something else”. Very good advise, then, and now, because we don’t get do overs and we have to be in our lives wherever that is. With life there is pain and loss, simultaneously there is Inspiration all around us, if we can see it. I started composting eight Springs ago in 2014. One day about a year after that I started photographing my compost ... and I haven’t stopped. My growing collection is called Love Compost. With Mother Nature as my guide, observing her cycles of decay, regeneration and rebirth I try to give her a helping hand, follow her lead, and “turn it into something else”

In Gratitude,

Terri-Lynn Pellegri

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