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Robin Rose


The scent of rose was intoxicating, it woke me from my sleep. Stunned, now with eyes wide open, I expected my next inhalation to be an intense olfactory rush, but on the contrary, it was flat, nothing, the scent was all gone. Awake now, I realized that it had been a visit, she was here with me in that place in my dreams where we meet, where time is all time, not linear, but eternal, everlasting... where true love lives.

This gallery wrapped photograph… Robin Rose is on loan at Lifestyles at 463 Broadway in Saratoga Springs NY. You can view her in their display window along with Eileen Fisher, sustainable clothing brand. It is part of the ever growing collection of images that I call LOVE COMPOST. Though International Compost Awareness Week 2022 officially ended yesterday, composting is part of my day, every day.

Thank you! US Composting Counsel, NYSAR3, Sustainable Saratoga, Pitney Meadows Community Farm, Casella Waste and so many more for all your efforts.


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