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Good News!

Life can surprise you. If you are open, and available to see something differently, you can bring a new idea in. If welcomed in, and experienced, it may even evoke JOY!

I LOVE COMPOST… that’s right. For those of us that do, we are celebrating… International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) May 1-7, 2022. Read all about it on the back cover of this week’s Saratoga Today Newspaper April 29-May 5, 2022. I am going to be celebrating all week with LOVE COMPOST, please follow along and see where it takes us! We are very excited to be on Broadway, and make an appearance in Lifestyles at their Eileen Fisher event May 5-7th.

This year’s theme for International Compost Awareness Week is Recipe for Regeneration: COMPOST ICAW USA gives us a simple and quick explanation of what it is all about. “This year’s theme highlights the important role compost can play in turning nutrient starved dirt into rich, healthy soil where our fruits and vegetables can grow and thrive. Just as a chef pulls together the best ingredients to create the perfect recipe, the 2022 theme, Recipe for Regeneration: Compost focuses on the crucial role recycling our food scraps and yard trimmings plays by creating compost, when added to our soil results in a recipe that makes our food more nutritious, the air we breathe cleaner and our climate healthier overall.”

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