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Dot to Dot

Beginning with gratitude is the only way for me to start….again.

I am grateful for all that is, while being sensitive to all that isn’t anymore. It’s been a long pause. I have missed you and wanted to reach out and say “hello”.

I have thought a lot about our connectedness, to each another, to other living organisms, to Mother Nature, and to our planet. I feel now more than ever that what I do here, effects you there, and effects our shared waters, our lands and all of the creatures that make their home on planet Earth.

As humans, when we care for someone, we show that in a variety of ways. That caring is what led me to create this COMPOSiTion.

Dottie sends her 98 year old Grandmother, Dot, flowers throughout the year, so that she always has a beautiful bouquet on her table. With this gift, the message is clear, and “I Love You” is spoken without words, in the universal language of Mother Earth. When her Aunt Cathy visited her Mother Dot, she noticed that the flowers no longer looked so fresh in the vase, and Cathy brought the lovely aging blooms to me. I was delighted! I waited a few days, observed them, then brought them outside during a gentle February snowfall. The winter ice had cracked and small white beads of snow started to collect and create an organic mosaic pattern on our driveway. With flowers in hand, and frozen fingers I worked the petals of the Gerbera daisies, hypericum berries, and arranged the roses until I found a satisfied smile. Were the flowers smiling too? Or maybe it was Mother Earth. I took a few photos before the wind started to gain momentum, which I interpreted as nature’s way of telling me that I had enough. I gathered all that I had scattered and made my way to the backyard, to make a deposit in my composter. There, the wordless message of love, the beauty that came of the earth will now decompose back into the earth. In the Spring it will be the fuel to bring new growth to life to meet the sun once again.


Special Thank You!!! to fellow backyard composter @dottiepepper and @casellawaste

“Dot to Dot” and my other new LOVE COMPOST photographs will be on exhibit for attendees at NYS Organics Summit, April 5 & 6, 2022 for more information and to register:

All artwork is for sale in various sizes, museum quality printed, framed traditionally or gallery wrapped. To purchase artwork and find out more, please contact me.


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