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To some you were not lovely, but an ugly nuisance to humans and home. To me, you were my daily inspiration, my exquisite muse. I will not forget your quiet company. You touched me as you touched the sky. You guided me upward to a place of possibility, my creative companion, though you did not know it. I would look to your beautiful branches, with the squirrels and the birds playing upon you. You were always a gracious host. We have shared so many moments, at times, you as my protector, keeping me from a narrow darkness your species does not know. Always growing towards the light, that is your nature. I learn from you, and the ground that you grew from. I feel exposed now with all this empty space, the place that you once inhabited, where you were rooted in the Earth. Now that you are gone, my eyes do not know where to land, where to focus, they dart back and forth looking for a place to rest. I will try not to tire myself, but I will keep searching, and be brave by embracing the opening where you once lived. Though you are not here in view, your energy is still all around me, in the breath of the wind, and the comfort of the sun. As in all of nature, new life will grow.

Thank You.

My dear friend, I will miss you.


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