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Taos, New Mexico is the land of enchantment ...  an open landscape of rugged, earthy, raw beauty.... captivating. On an Alpine Sport Shop adventure in March, Cathy & Jack, Cate, and I shared a condo at Snakedance, a slopeside resort in Taos Ski Valley. With twenty skiers total, it was pure bliss. We skied all day and had an amazing experience. I stayed true to my composting vow that I had made with myself, and my friends helped me out. They may not have understood or agreed but they were supportive of my choice and did not judge me,(not out loud anyway!). Most mornings we ate breakfast in the condo so we had typical breakfast waste, teabags, egg shells with the addition of coffee grinds which I don’t get  at home, unless we have guests.  Part of my “rules”’of this project are, that if I photograph it ... it must go in the composter... which meant, since I was away, it had to travel home with me. Lemon rinds, avocado skins, banana peels and eggshells, were all frozen, then packed in my boot bag. My intention was not to be eccentric, but to take responsibility for this food waste that was mine, that I created. It’s that simple. 


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