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In a Dream with Keith


From my journal, waking from a dream Tuesday 2.22.2022 . I was deep in a dream with my brother Keith.

In the city, the parking lot was a big open space. A man was sitting in a chair, square shaped, with arm rests, it was from the 60’s or 70’s, tweed, somewhat threadbare, well worn. The arm rest flipped open lengthwise to reveal a secret compartment. He put my dried roses in there. He was holding them for safe keeping. There were only two of them, the thorns kept catching on my sweater. He flipped down the arm rest. They were safe there. I didn’t know him or his friend that sat next to him smoking a cigarette. They weren’t particularly friendly, (or friendly at all). They were scrappy, a bit intimidating, but trustworthy. I looked behind me, and saw it, of tsunami proportions… a giant wave. I couldn’t estimate how many stories high, but it was going to churn me, and spin me. I Had my eyes closed, and thought I might already be underwater. Though I felt a strange calm, I knew it was going to hit. I needed to take a breath and prepare, but I didn’t know if I was already breathing in water. The impact came, but I was in a dream, I knew that, so I changed scenes. I retrieved my dried roses from the secret compartment. My brother was there with me. He asked me if I could bake him some cookies, but my alarm went off... it was 7:30 A.M. I would have baked his favorite.


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